The information in this form is based on information in the original South Shore Estuary Survey. Corrections to obvious typographical and spelling errors have been made. Corrections to factual errors, updates or comments on the information are enclosed either in [square brackets] or are clearly indicated as updates in the text.. Since the surveys were conducted in the Summer of 2004, the information reflects that time period unless otherwise noted. Because the South Shore Estuary Survey report format is not entirely consistent with the original Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities/Town of Brookhaven survey formats, there are a few additional fields on this page not found on the original forms. The original South Shore Estuary Survey Report is available as a PDF document by clicking on the below.

Sites with an Inventory Code suffix of “S” are supplemental sites not included in the original surveys.


17 Ocean Place

 If checked, this is a Supplemental Form, not in the original surveys.

Inventory Code:   Br39.017-S 
Prepared Date:   2004-06-01 
Last Modified:   1970-01-01 
Submitter Name:   Jayme Breschard
Submitter Address:   382 Main Street

Port Washington, NY 11050  
Organization:   Long Island Traditions, Inc
1-Building/Site Name:   17 Ocean Place 
2a-County:   Suffolk    2b-Town:   Brookhaven    2c-Village:   Hamlet of Brookhaven
3-Street Location:    
 4a-Public    4b-Private
5a-Present Owner:   Jane Knapp (2004) 5b-Address:   17 Ocean Place

6a-Original:   residence

6b-Present:   residence

 7a-Visible From Road

 7b-Interior Accessible
7b-Interior Comment:   By appointment
Architectural Style:   
  Side-Gable Bungalow  
  The building at 15 Ocean Place sits on the north side of the street. Situated on the south side is an enclosed, sandy area overgrown with beach grass. To the west on the Great South Bay is Bellport Village Marina. To the east of Ocean Place are wetlands owned by Brookhaven Town and on the north and west are wetlands owned by New York State Department of Environmental Protection. In the rear (north) lot, at the end of a north-south gravel drive along the building’s east elevation, sits a front-gabled garage on a poured concrete slab with wood shingle cladding and an asphalt shingle roof. The south façade has a circular gable louver and double four-light swing garage doors (ca. 1970).  
Decorative Features: 
  corbeled chimney cap and gabled dormer  
Building Materials 



 8d-Board & Batten



8-Other:   wood shingle, sawed, coursed
Structural System
 9a-Wood Frame Interlocking Joints    9b-Wood Frame Light Members:   9c-Masonry:
9d-Metal Comment:   
 9e-Other Comment:   
Roof Style: 
  low-pitch, side-gabled roof  
Roofing Materials: 
  asphalt shingles, plain  
  one-over-one double-hung sash, plate glass, and paired casement windows  
  centered entrance on the façade (south) and rear wall entry on east elevation  
  exterior brick end-wall chimney on west elevation  
   10a-Excellent   10b-Good   10c-Fair    10d-Deteriorated
  11a-Original Site  11b-Moved If so, when?
11c-Alterations:   According to current homeowner, Jane Knapp, the wood shingle cladding is ca. 1970. The building was originally covered with pink stucco, existing only on the west and east elevations of the front-gabled garage at 15 Ocean Place. New fenestration exists throughout structure.  «»
[Threats were not evaluated in the original South Shore Estuary Survey.  They are an evaluation by J. Deitz]
  14a-None Known:   14b-Zoning   14c-Roads
  14d-Developers   14e-Deterioration
14f-Other:  Subject to flooding and windstorm damage  
Related Outbuildings and Property
 15a-Barn  15b-Carriage House  15c-Garage
 15d-Privy  15e-Shed   15f-Greenhouse
 15g-Shop  15h-Gardens   15i-Landscape Features
15i-Landscape Features:   
Surroundings of the Building
 16a-Open Land  16b-Woodland  16c-Scattered Bldgs.
 16d-Densely Built-up  16e-Commercial  16f-Industrial
 16g-Residential 16h-Other:   [Surrounded by tidal marsh, and facing the Great South Bay.]
Interrelationship of Building and Surroundings
Other Notable Features of Building and Site
18-Notable Features:      «»
19-Initial Const Date:   ca. 1936 [see supplemental material for updated comment]  
Historic and Architectural Importance
20-Importance:   [One of only three residences on the shoreline of the Great South Bay in Brookhaven Hamlet.]  «»
21-Sources: Gottfried, Herbert and Jan Jennings. American Vernacular Design, 1870-1940. New York: Van Norstrand Reinhold, 1985. «»
22-Theme:   Residential  
Prepared By: 
  John Deitz  
Supplemental Material:
  [It is said that the three houses on Ocean Place were built in the 1920s. and they are thought to have been "kits," i.e., they arrived unassembled by train. They've been added on to and changed over the years but seemed to have survived many a storm, including the Hurricane of 1938.

The Post-Morrow Foundation owns two vacant lots in between two of the three houses (the most easterly one and the middle one. They also own one other lot at the east end of the row of the three houses.]