1664 Tobacus’ Deed

Brookehaven, eles Setak, consarning a parsell or tract of land, linge upon the South side of Long Island, bing bounded on the South with the Grate baye, and on the weste with a fresh ponde, aioyning to a place comanly called acombamack, and on the Este with a river called Yamphanke, and on the North, it extendes to the Midell of the Island, provided the afore said Tobakus have Seficient planting land, for thos that are the true Natife propriaters and thare ayers, allso that ether and both partis have fre liberty for fishing, fowling and hunting with out molest acion of ether party, and this is in consideration of a Sarten Sum of money, to be paid to the valuacion of fifty fadum of Wampam, as Wetness my hand, the date and day above writen. Sined, Sealled and delevered in the presence of us.

Richard Cooper
John Cooper
The mark of X Tobacus