1665 Tobacus’ Receipt

March the 31 day, 1665.

Rec’d, then of Daniel Lane, for the account of the Inhabytant of Brookhaven, alis Setack, the sum of Six pounds tenn Shilins which is In ffull Satisfection for a tracte of Lands and Medowes I have Sould to the Inhabytan of brookhauen, wich is alredy layed out and bounded at the South, as doth apere by a bill of Sayl I hauen giuen under my hand, bareing Date the 10 of June, 1664, also I doe acknowlig to haue Rec’d the above Spesifide Sum, with fower Cotes, formerly Rec’d by me, As In full Satifection, for the aforemenconed Lands and medowes.

As witnes my hand, the Day and yere above Spesifide.

Richard wodhul
Mat. Priar.

enchage Sacham Tobacus, his X marke.

Swagnough, his X mark;
Pegen, his X mark