Milton Irving Murdock – Child of the Gilded Age

Like his parents, Gardner and Nellie, Milton became embroiled in the lives of the wealthy “gilded age” families who had homes on the south shore of Long Island in the early 20th century. Unlike his parents, however, there seems to have been little he did that could have influenced the outcome. He appears to have been the victim, not the protagonist.

In a nutshell, wealthy Joseph Fairchild Knapp (called “Dodi”) met Milton’s young and beautiful wife, Marion, at a local roadhouse (probably Howie’s, later to become Sue’s Haven [Historic Site ID Br04.3-S]). The Knapp’s had a home in nearby Mastic, as well as in Hampton Bays and Ft. Lauderdale. While Dodi was married at the time, a “spark” ignited a flame, and Marion goes off to Florida with Dodi. Apparently, wealth wins over good looks — Milton appears to have been a not unattractive young man! All said, however, it appears the Marion and Dodi had a happy life together.

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It is said that Milton received financial remuneration as part of the divorce settlement, but unfortunately he did not live long to use it. Milton, apparently, had a very different personality from his father, and was well liked by the community. Milton either hung around or worked at Waldron’s [an auto repair shop]. He always wore a white glove on one hand.

Romantic that I am, I like to think he died of a broken heart. But I’m told that’s no so.

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Milton Irving Murdock