The Post Family

The Post family has made significant contributions to the life and well being of the Brookhaven Hamlet community. Early in the 20th Century, James H. Post, one of Brookhaven Hamlet’s early civic activists and benefactor, purchased (among other contributions) the Squassux Landing property and made its shore available to local boaters. His daughter, Elisabeth Post and her husband, Thomas Morrow, were instrumental in establishing the Post-Morrow Foundation, which has been an important influence in preserving the area’s open spaces, wetlands, waterways, natural resources, and historic character.

This chart outlines the history of the Post family on Long Island from Richard Post, one of the “founders” of the Town of Southampton, to Elisabeth Post Morrow and her husband Thomas Morrow. More details of the people on this chart may be found in the Hamlet People database or by clicking the underlined names..

Generations: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Arthur Post (b. 1580) (Kent, England) m. Bennet Lambe had Lieut. Richard Post (1617-1689) (One of the original “founders” of Southampton, NY, 1640) m. Dorothy Johnson had 1.1 Martha Post m. Benjamin Foster 1.4.1 Mary Post John Post (1700-1792) (1st settler in Quogue, Southampton, NY) m. Abigail Halsey (1705-1772) had James Post (1741-1813) (of Moriches, Brookhaven, NY) m. Mary Huntting (1749-1788) had William Post m. Jane Cooper Jesse Wells Post (1888-1950)
Stephen Post (1618- ) (The American branch which includes C.W. Post of cereal fame) 1.2 Thomas Post (no issue) 1.4.2 Capt. John Post (1674-1741) m. Mary Halsey * had Joseph Post Post Capt. James Post m. Hannah Rogers Helen Marion Post (1890-1973) m. Philip Arthur Hubert (1881-1969)
Panwell Post (1619- ) (Apparently remained in England) 1.3 Joseph Post (no issue) 1.4.3 Jeremiah Post (removed to Hempstead, NY.) Isaac Post Post (1732-1799) (Of the Bellport Posts) m. Jerusha (abt 1741-1822) Caleb Post (1785-1872) (The 1st Post in Fire Place) m. Mary Smith (1790-1869) had William Post (1828-1888) m. Eleanor Sackett (1836-1866) had
James Howell Post
Louisa Wells
Elisabeth Post (1896-1992)
Obituary m. Thomas I. Morrow (1894-1965)
1.4John Post (abt 1650-abt 1687) m. Mary

1.4.4 Sarah Post
1.4.5 Dorothy Post

This table is largely based on Chart A. – Appendix D. page 284 of The Post Family by Marie Caroline de Trobriand Post, 1905. It has been informed by subsequent research.

* Special thanks to Michael Post who provided corrections to Generations 2 and 3.

1.4.6 Martha Post
1.4.7 Deborah Post
1.4.8 Richard Post (removed to Hempstead, NY. Became a Quaker)