Fire Place Historic Historic District

Fire Place Historic Historic District

The following map of the Brookhaven Hamlet (Fire Place) Historic District was taken from the Town Zoning Map, Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York (Revision Date August 21, 2000). Copies were obtained from the Town Hall on 2 Dec 2002.

However, there may be a discrepancy between this Zoning Map and the official boundaries established by the Town Board. The Town’s computerized GIS map shows a somewhat different and expanded western border, which includes, among other things, properties on both sides of South Country Rd. between the railroad tracks and Beaver Dam Rd. Staff at the Town Hall speculated that the GIS map may be more accurate, perhaps translated directly from the Town Board’s written resolution.

In addition to the Historic District boundaries, there is a 500 ft. buffer space around the Historic District which is subject to somewhat less restrictive requirements.

The Brookhaven Hamlet Historic District is the largest within the Town of Brookhaven.