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Unless indicated below, this is a transcript of the original Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities/Town of Brookhaven survey form. Corrections to obvious typographical and spelling errors have been made. Corrections to factual errors, updates or comments on the information are either enclosed in [square brackets], or will be clearly indicated as updated material. Since most of the surveys were conducted in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, much of the information reflects that time period. Included in this category are sites for which some documentation may exist but are no longer extant often with little or no modern evidence at the site.

Sites which have a suffix of “S” are supplemental sites not included in the original surveys.

Archeological Site Inventory Form

Long Point, site of Indian kiln

 If checked, this is a Supplemental Form, not in the original surveys.




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Long Point, site of Indian kiln
Hamlet of Brookhaven


4a-Public Site
4b-Private Site
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Historic and Architectural Importance

This is presumed to be the site of an Indian pottery, a place where kilns were operated for the firing of pots by living elsewhere. Some associate this with the name Fire Place which was given to South Haven and Brookhaven Hamlets in the earliest days.

6- Description, Condition, Evidence of Site

6a-Standing Ruins
6b-Cellar Hole with Walls
6c-Surface Traces Visible
6d-Walls Without Cellar Hole
6e-Under Cultivation
6h-No Visible Evidence

7- Collection of Material from Site

7a- Surface Hunting

8- Prehistoric Cultural Affiliation or Date

9-Historical Documentation of Site

Bigelow, Stephanie: "Bellport and Brookhaven, 1968, p. 8
Shaw, Osborne: "History of Brookhaven Village", 1933 [available this site]

10- Possibility of Site Destruction or Disturbance

[Long Point existed into the 20th century, but gradually was destroyed in various storms, and is now but a shoals.]


12- Map Location

[If an original form, the source map images were not reproducible.]

12a- 7 1/2 Minute Quad. Name:

12b- 15 Minute Quad. Name:

12c- U.S.G.S Coordinates:

12d- D.O.T. Coordinates: (if known):

Other Maps:

Map of showing Long Point, cropped from the 1903 USGS Moriches Quadrant map:

13- Photographs

Photos and images

Supplemental Material

Prepared By

Ellen Williams