1664 Meadow Lots Drawers, Tobacus’ Deed

The following entry is for the first division of lots in “the Old Purchase at the South,” the deed for which immediately follows in the record. The payment receipt recorded the following year (see page 14) indicated that the lots were “alredy layed out and bounded at the South..” Osborne Shaw provides a more extensive account of this purchase in his History. This first division did not include any ‘upland’ parcels, which remained common Town lands for several years.

Lots were numbered from east to west starting at the Connecticut River (now the Carman’s River). Lot No. 33 was bounded east by “Dayton’s River” now known as Mott’s Creek. Therefore lots 33-49 were in modern Bellport; lots 1-32 were in Fire Place (now Brookhaven hamlet) and “west” Fire Place.


Old Purchase, South – Fireplace & Bellport, Bought 1664.

Mr. [Richard] Woodhull, 1. Robert Smith, 27.
Mr. [Richard] Woodhull, 2. Nathaniel Norton, 28.
Hen. Rogers, 3. Robert Wooly, 29.
William Fancy, 4. Joseph Longbottom, 30.
Peter Whitehare, 5. Andrew Miller, 31.
John Tooker, 6. Sam. Akerly 32.
Rich. Waring, 7. Mr. Tomson, this belongs 33.
Jacob Longbottom 8. to the Town, this is given
John Thomas, Jr. 9. to John Davis,
John Thomas, Sen., 10. Hen. Pery, 34.
John Tomson, 11. Frank Muncy, ½ to the 35.
Mr. Smith, 12.


Samuel Dayton, 13. Zakery Hawkins, 36.
Henry Rogers, 14. Tho. Biggs, Sen. 37.
Thos. Ward, 15. John Tooker, 38.
Daniel Lane, 16. William Salyer, 39.
Tho. Biggs, Jr., 17. Rich. Floyd, 40.
William Satterly, 18. John Bosweek, 41.
John Roe, 19. Thomas Thorp, 42.
Joseph Davis, 20. Zak. Hawkins 43.
Andrew Miller, 21. Tho. Smith 44.
Frances Moncy, 22. John Geners, 45.
Daniel Lane, 23. Richard Floyd, 46.
Robert Akerly, 24. Nathan Brewster, 47.
Richard Floyd, 25. William Frost 48.
Benjamin Smith, by order Obed Sewerd, 49.

[of his mother,


This following purchase of land is often referred to as “The Old Purchase at the South” of 1664. The parcel includes land that now includes the Hamlet of Brookhaven and the Village of Bellport (see map and commentary). The parcel also included lands to the north to the middle of the island. A small parcel of land on the east, now known as the Hamlet of South Haven, was not included in the purchase; this latter parcel was sold by the Native Americans to the new immigrants in 1688 (see page 70)


Brookhaven, 1664, June the 10th.

This indentor wetneseth a bargin or agreement, betwene the Sacham of unchachage Tobacus, and the inhabetance of